How’s it going guys, PensForFriends here. Really sorry for the late upload, I’ve been super l̶a̶z̶y̶busy lately. I decided to mess around with some footage of me playing pyro, so I put in some cool sound effects for kicks. I also might have some trouble uploading during Christmas, so I might neet to post another video soon before I’m unavailable.

DEMO PANDEMIC!! Melee Carnage on 2Fort | TF2 Frags #3

What’s up guys, PensForFriends here with a hilarious new frag video. Sorry for the wait on this one, I won’t be able to publish this weekend and I was super busy last week so I postponed this video until the middle of the week. My regular video schedule should be back to normal soon, I hope. On a side note, don’t play demopan with serious teammates because you risk getting kicked and making them mad at you, so stick to a more easygoing map like 2Fort.

INSANE 20+ GOD-LIKE HEAVY!! | Crazy Killstreak on Borneo

How’s it going guys, PensForFriends here with an epic video of my God – Like Killstreak as Heavy on Borneo. This video came out way too late, I had some problems with my screen recorder, but I’ve fixed it and my recording quality is now better than ever! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video, and if you do, please like and subscribe!

Wombo Combo Airshot Pyro!! TF2 Frags #2

What’s up, PensForFriends here with a video highlighting one of my favorite loadouts for Pyro. The combo of the Degreaser and the Reserve Shooter is very fast and can deal a formidable amount of damage in the blink of an eye. And when you airblast a burning enemy into a corner, what better way to finish them then with a critical hit from a mailbox? There’s not much better than that.

TF2 Frags #1: Spy on Borneo/Swiftwater

What’s up, PensForFriends here with the first part of a new series/category of videos for you guys: Frag videos! In these I’ll put together an assortment of my best plays in the past few days, and play some cool music as well. I’ll try to be putting these out as regularly as possible, typically when I’m too busy or lazy to do a voice recording. Seriously though, enjoy! And don’t forget to like and subscribe!


New Knife!! | Spying on KOTH Nucleus

Hey guys, PensForFriends here with a video of my game on Nucleus. This game was one of the only matches that was fairly balanced, most of the other games were either too short or not fun, thanks to Valve’s removal of the only thing that kept games fair: Autobalance. While I’m not going to get into a rant about it, I am starting to miss it, and I hope Valve has a less annoying solution up their sleeve. On the bright side, I had a lot of fun recording this video and I hope you enjoy watching it just as much!

Also, I’ll probably release my keybinds soon. I use them to disguise and stuff, they’re a huge help.

EUREKA! TF2 Ninjaneering on Mountain Lab

The Ninjaneer is ninja-here. Arguably one of the most fun things to do in TF2, placing a secret teleporter and spawncamping is one of my favorite things to do. In the video I use a special bind to instantly teleport with my wrench.

Spy on the Mountain | TF2 Gameplay Video

Whew, this is my first post in a while, I’ve been very busy with school and such, so I decided to make a YouTube channel to get back into things. Hope you all enjoy!

Reigns: A Fun New Twist on Interactive Fiction

Devolver Digital’s new game, Reigns, is already a huge hit on the App Store and Steam, and for good reason. The simple story lets you play as a king in power, managing the four pillars of your society by the decisions you make. When you die, you will pick up where you left off as the next king of the land.


However, beneath the simplicity of the choices you make, some may have huge impacts on the plot further on, which eventually reveals that there is much more going on under the surface of this charming card-swipe-style game.

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