Welcome to the Music page! Here you’ll find some of the custom soundtracks I’ve made for the site, as well as the download links!

**Please note that the FREE¬†downloads are .wav files, if you want an mp3 file you’re on your own.**

Anthem of Destruction

My first track, this took me days to create, since it’s pretty long and complex. Download it here.

Piggy Guys Redux

A simple remix I whipped up in a few hours. Download it here.

Super Fighting Remix

A simple yet complex remastering of a classic. Download it here.

Spark Man’s Revenge

About four day’s effort worth of 8-bit awesomeness. Download it here.

Quick Man’s Quest

Just a quick little remix with an instrumental twist. Download it here.

Junk Man Famicom

An 8-Bit remix of a tune from Mega Man 7. Download not working yet.

Enjoy Your 8-Bit Stay

This is just a small remix I made when I was bored. Download not working yet.