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Chances are, if you’re an Apple user, you’ve seen the “essentials” area where they showcase the big box games like Angry Birds and Minecraft PE. Now, the fact that the anti-gamer peeps at Apple think that these games are good just because they’re ca$h cows is all fine and dandy. But there are better, more iOS-tailored apps and games out there. Enter the list of stuff that Dave at the Genius Bar is to scared (or too busy, lazy, etc.) to tell you.

The Real iOS Essentials:

#9: Land Air Sea Warfare


Land Air Sea Warfare is one of the most well thought out and best designed military strategy game on the App Store. It’s fairly easy to play, and can be used to kill some time on the bus or have a full-fledged war from your desk. The only downside is its lack of multiplayer support, considering that this game was practically made for multiplayer.


#8: Real Racing 3


This is the most beautiful iOS racing game out there. Hands down. Simple controls, online/offline capabilities. Only real problems are the INSANE cost of upgrading/buying/customizing cars and the 1.5G of space it’ll take on your Apple. Nobody with under 16G of space should even think of getting it.

#7: Pako Car Chase


An excellent alternative to RR3, Pako Car Chase is a quick, crisp car chase game in which you try not to hit anything and avoid the cops. It’s great for casual, at-the-bus-stop play, but it would get boring after a while on a flight longer than 15 minutes.

#6: Playtube


An awesome way to watch your favorite cat videos without internet connection. It’s simple to build up a cache of clips to watch on the go. However, if WiFi isn’t a problem, then save a few bucks and stick to the standard YouTube player.

#5: Infinity Blade (All Installments)


Arguably the best swordfighting game out there, the Infinity Blade series is one of my personal favorites. Good for either burning a minute or two with a fight or sitting down to try and beat the game in one night (which would be really hard and fun.) The games do take up a more than fair amount of space though.

#4: Hangouts


A great alternative to SMS, hangouts allows you to chat over the internet with people. It can even allow you to talk in group chat. Throw in video support and you’ve got one great communication app.

#3: A Dark Room


Probably the best text-based game out there, A Dark Room takes place in a deserted, post-apocalyptic world reeling in the aftereffects of what seems to be some sort of fallout. Good to play from five minutes to five hours, this game is a new style of action you’ll never forget.

#2: Terraria


A very well-known alternative to the limited and bloated Minecraft PE, Terraria, while not as competent as Minecraft on the PC level, is a way better choice for a creative building and survival gaming experience. Lots of bosses and items will never leave you bored. It’s kinda glitchy though.

#1: Clash of Clans



What’s an Apple device without this installed? Clash of Clans is the cream of the crop when it comes to casual mobile gaming. If you don’t have this, you must either be either completely disconnected from society and living on a deserted island or still using one of those 70’s milk carton phones.

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