Collector’s Tips

Collecting Amiibo is a challenging task. From sifting through store shelves to waiting eons for that pre-order, it’s no easy job. However, Improving your collection doesn’t have to be painful. ┬áListed here are a few tips that’ll help you bump up your roster.

1: Go Places.


If your collection is missing a few common Amiibo, then try your luck at local gaming stores. If you live in a city, try stopping at multiple stores in one go. However, if you live in a more rural area, this may not be the case. If your Amiibo needs might not be fulfilled by a trip to town, then it may be best to skip this step and move to Tip 3.

2: Stay Up to Date.

Regardless of where you live, it doesn’t hurt to be in touch with restocks in your area. There are multiple Twitter accounts dedicated to informing their followers of the latest Amiibo news. Paying attention to the profiles of the retailers is also a good idea.

3: Amazon is your Friend.


Ordering online is currently the easiest and most painless way to grow your collection. With practically all the Amiibo available, buying is a snap. The only downside is waiting for the package to deliver. However, if you have Amazon Prime, your package will arrive much quicker with the Two-Day Shipping option. Even if you don’t, a Prime 30-Day Trial is entirely free, essentially getting you unlimited Amiibo access for a month. Happy Shopping!