Welcome to the Custom Amiibo Page!


Here, you can find all sorts of information on how to make your Amiibo great! It’s all here, from getting set up to advanced project ideas!

Workspace and Tools

Obviously, you’re going to need some equipment to modify your Amiibo. Here’s our preferred setup:

  • A designated workspace (or some table space at the very least)
  • Paper towels
  • Paint drying area (with desk fan if possible)
  • Paints and paintbrush(es)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paint scraper (for removing mistakes)
  • Dremel (for reshaping, a file works too)
  • Professional molding clay (Apoxie Sculpt should cut it)

However, you may need more or less than what’s listed here depending on the scale of your project, which can be determined here:

★✩✩✩ = Beginner

Very straight-forward, simple projects. Recommended starting point for new painters.

Example: Repainting a Yoshi Amiibo

★★✩✩ = Intermediate

More difficult projects that require more fine detail. Don’t attempt this unless you have some experience under your belt.

Example: Repainting a Peach Amiibo

★★★✩ = Advanced

Do you know what you’re doing? I hope you know what you’re doing, because this project is serious. Keep your paint scraper at the ready.

Example: Repainting a R.O.B. Amiibo

★★★★ = Expert / Specialty

Not for the faint of heart, Expert / Specialty level projects take customization to the next level. Expert projects usually involve a full repaint, moderate remodeling, and sometimes go through swapping NFC chips. Specialty projects, on the other hand, involve using an unorthodox skill as a key component in the project.

Expert Example: Working Proto Man Amiibo

Specialty Example: Fabric Hoodie Little Mac

Project Gallery

Browse existing projects, get inspired!

Headgear Pikachu

★★✩✩ (Intermediate)


Pikachu can wear sunglasses, too! The best part about this custom is that you hardly need to customize the figure (although in this one, I’ve given him a hairdo). The only tricky part is the actual headgear. The easiest method is to modify an existing accessory, which can be easily obtained from a Playmobil set. LEGO doesn’t work very well, as it tends to be too small.

Mister L (Super Paper Mario)

★★★✩ (Advanced)


It’sa me, Lui- uh, I mean, Mister L! This project is basically a Luigi repaint, plus a few minor details. The eyes are tricky, they need to be as symmetrical as possible. Also, his bandanna can be made either out of clay or cloth, even though I’ve chosen cloth for this example.

Hoodie Mac

★★★★ (Specialty)


Probably my most difficult custom project, Hoodie Mac is one of the jewels of my collection. The actual figure has not been modified, a miniature pink hoodie has been painstakingly sewn onto him. This might be a cool project to consider for anyone good at sewing.

Working Proto Man Amiibo

★★★★ (Expert)


Three days of painting, remodeling, planning, and crazy gluing are finally over. Ta-da! The most complicated working custom amiibo for a non-roster character is now complete! The Amiibo is essentially a modified Mega Man figurine on a Mii Gunner base. When activated, this custom Amiibo appears as a Mii Gunner wearing the Proto Man DLC Set.


Want to see your custom Amiibo showcased here? Simply contact us with a description of your project, a photo, and it might be posted here!