How to Train Your Amiibo

Training an Amiibo can be difficult. From securing fundamental tactics to eliminating bad habits, things can easily get complicated. Fortunately, I’ve done my best to create a guide based on the Leveling technique, but with a few minor changes.

Levels 1-10:

Start your Amiibo off right by mirror matching them against their own character on a basic/omega stage. Verse them yourself or use a Lv9 CPU. Habits are picked up in this stage, to be careful!

Levels 11-20:

Continue to mirror match the Amiibo, but gradually diversify the terrain that it fights on. Ensure that it understands platforms, and more importantly, stage hazards.

Levels 21-30:

Now that your Amiibo understands the basics, It’s time to verse them against other opponents. Fight it as your main (assuming the Amiibo isn’t your main), and also pit it against both ground-based, projectile-based, and ¬†air-based characters. Ground-based characters focus on tilts, grabs, and short hops, projectile-based characters camp and keep their distance, while air-based characters utilize aerial attacks and combos. All-rounder characters are not necessary for the Amiibo to develop at this stage (although more combat experience is still good).

Levels 31-50+:

Now it’s time to optimize your Amiibo’s performance. There are some basic fighting tactics that it should have down by now:

  • Pummeling in a grab
  • Using different throws at different percents (using high-damage throws first)
  • Basic use of items
  • Moving Up Smash Attack
  • Fast Falls + aerials
  • Proper spacing technique

If your Amiibo does not comprehend one or some of these, it’s time to do some spot training.

Spot training is when you fight an Amiibo while only using the move that you want it to learn. Also note that TIME matches are best for this, STOCK battles will take a long time using one move.

If the above steps have been followed, you should now have a wickedly talented Amiibo! Congratulations!