Fast Unlocks

If you’ve been observing (or playing through) the mechanics of Super Mario Maker, You’ve probably noticed by now that all the course elements take nine days to unlock. Putting it lightly, it sucks. Don’t let this get you down though – There is a trick you can do to seriously speed up your unlock time.



Step 1: Open up the level editor. If this is your first time playing, just go through the tutorial first. It helps a lot later.

Step 2: Place at least one of every new block in the level editor. New blocks have a red ! icon by them. Don’t forget to shake certain items, it will turn them into a different block. This should trigger a notification saying that the new blocks will arrive tomorrow. TOO BAD, NINTENDO!

Step 3: Now that there’s no new blocks in your inventory, place a big square of any block (bricks work well), and copy/paste it all over the map. After hitting the block limit about twice, It should say that the blocks arrived a bit early.

Step 4: It worked. Rinse and repeat.