Choosing A Main


Of the many difficult choices to make in Sm4sh Bros, the hardest one by far has to be choosing a main, a character to master and call your own. I remember having some indecision when I played Brawl, and competitive play was a nightmare. Life is tough without a main. Here are my three points to follow when selecting:

1: Choose someone you’re comfortable with.

This first tip is important, but it applies more exclusively to veterans: Choose someone who’s style clicks with you, or try sticking with your main from Brawl or Melee. If you’re a superstar at Olimar, but all your friends want you to play as Diddy Kong, stay with Olimar. There’ll be less of a learning curve from previous games, and you won’t feel as silly as opposed to playing as a giant monkey on steroids. Segwaying into my next point…

2. Choose a character based on passion.

I don’t play as Pikachu. Never. That might be because I don’t connect with his moveset, but it’s more likely I avoid him because I grow tired of hearing his name over and over again.



Yes, Pikachu, we know you can say your name.

Basically, if you think that you’re too cool for Jigglypuff, then avoid Jigglypuff. Should you press on, you’ll still hold yourself back based on your judgement of his pinkness, for example. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your main.

3. Play as someone you wan win with.

This is probably the most important point: You’re playing For Glory to win. Save the Mario Cape Spam for Team Smash in For Fun. Actually, this is what made droves of Brawl players (myself included) switch to Meta Knight. They played to win. Not have fun, not because they truly liked Meta Knight, but because they could win. I realized that when Sm4sh came out that Meta Knight was nerfed big time, so I switched to Ness, and later, Lucas.

4. If you go to a friend’s house or often borrow games, avoid DLCs.

I had to learn this the hard way when I went to a friend’s to show him the true meaning of Get Rekt to find that he didn’t have the Lucas DLC.  I was a little disappointed at first, but reverted to my original main, Ness, to continue until he decided it was time to play something different. Oh, and one last thing:

5. Be able to play as other guys, too.


I know this is way over 3 tips by now, but bear with me! Being able to play as more than one person is crucial to how you play Sm4sh. With a colourful roster, It’s a lot harder to be defeated consistently than if you played as just one character. I play as Lucas, Ness, Yoshi, and dabble around with a few others. Without variety and balance, anyone in the Sm4shosphere can be beaten easily.

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