This is the strategy page for the Demoman.Unknown-1

Quick Points:

-Place Stickybombs in unexpected or out-of-sight areas so enemies don’t notice them until it’s too late.

-The Demoman, if equipped with a sword and shield, becomes a 1v1 melee powerhouse called a Demoknight.

-Use Sticky Jumps to get the high ground on your opponents, then attack with your Grenade Launcher.

Combat Strategies:

-Your grenades don’t require a line of sight to your opponent. While this makes aiming and prediction difficult, you can safely take out Sentry Nests and unsuspecting enemies from behind cover.

-Setting Sticky Traps can catch a group of proponents off-guard. If you lay a bunch around a doorway and detonate them on an enemy, you can almost guarantee a kill.

-If you have a Shield, especially the Tide Turner, you can perform Charge Jumps, which can carry you across the map and deep behind enemy lines. While being tricky to execute, the potential reward is very great.

-If you’re being pursued while retreating, drop Stickies and Grenades while back-pedalling. Enemies will either give up or stop to destroy the Sticky Bombs, which gives you more time to escape.

-Don’t forget to use your knock back power to your advantage. Medic buddies can be flung away from their healing counterpart, making both of them easier to take out.