This is the strategy page for the Pyro.250px-Pyro

Quick Points:

-The Pyro depends on close-range combat to deal most of his damage. His Flamethrower, paired with his Shotgun, can be devastating if used properly.

-Pyros can use Compression Blasts (Alt-Fire) with their Flamethrower to push enemies around and deflect incoming projectiles.

-The Pyro’s Flamethrower is the best weapon in the game for Spychecking, and can be used to protect Engineer Nests for games at a time.

Combat Strategies:

-The Pyro requires a different mentality to play from other classes. Your direct attacks are relatively weak, but can be deadly if used in conjunction with an ambush.

-When ignited, weaker classes tend to retreat. If an opponent starts to run after you burned them, follow up with your Shotgun.

-If fighting another Pyro, Back Strafe and use your Shotgun. You will be significantly harder to hit with a Flamethrower if you backpedal, and your Shotgun will make quick work of your pursuer.

-In general, it is a good idea to avoid Water. However, if you are forced to fight around it, you can combo with a Neon Annihilator to Compression Blast enemies into Water and Neon Annihilate them.

-Use blind corners and height advantages to take enemies by surprise. If you’re using the Backburner, however, it may be best to stick to places where enemies won’t be facing you.