This is the strategy page for the Scout.250px-Scout

Quick Points:

-The Scout has the fastest movement speed of all classes, and can Double Jump.

-He captures Control Points two times faster than other classes.

-He has a low base health of 125, which means he relies on Strafing and ambushing as his main attack tactics.

Combat Strategies:

-Lone enemies are good targets for a Scout, they can be picked off easily if you surprise them with your scattergun.

-The Scout has the smallest class hitbox, which makes him great for hiding behind things, which can be used to catch enemies off-guard. You can also take cover behind the Payload Cart in Payload maps.

-In general, it is in your best interests to avoid Sentry Guns, unless you can phase past them if you have Bonk! Atomic Punch. This can be a powerful tactic for taking the threat out of forward Engineer nests.

-Your speed gives you more options when it comes to which battles to engage in. Enemies can’t outrun you if you confront them, and they can’t chase you if you retreat.

-Double jumping can make your Strafing much harder to predict for both your opponent and Snipers that try to predict your jump arc. Only use this occasionally, though, because a patient Sniper may catch on to your pattern.

-Your Pistol can be used to damage incoming enemies from a distance. When they come into mid-to-close range, however, it’s best to switch to your Scattergun.

-Instead of trying to use your mouse to hit enemies with your Scattergun, try using the strafe keys instead. This makes you harder to hit while letting you land your shots easier.

-Use the Mad Milk to help your team! If you hit 2-4 enemies with it, your team will be forever grateful. Plus, you get assist points on milked foes who die.